That’s Aldi Not Audi

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That’s Aldi Not Audi
By Kai Rambow

“I like the prices, quality and variety,” commented one resident.  “For example, unlike many discount stores they [Aldi] have a variety of cookies.”  If you haven’t heard of Aldi, that’s not surprising.  As a low price, high quality supermarket, Aldi keeps costs down wherever possible, so running ads on television for name recognition is not a priority.

Aldi, like Audi, is German.  It was founded over 100 years ago, is one of the largest privately held companies in the world with over 10,000 stores in Western Europe, Australia and the United States.  Aldi opened their first store here in 1976 and today has over 1,400 stores.  By the way, they also own Trader Joe’s.

Residents who’ve shopped at Aldi locations in Brandon and Bradenton like several aspects.  On numerous staples you can easily save quite a bit of money.  They also carry some European items you can’t get anywhere else.  Those readers used to traveling to Geier’s in Sarasota, will be able to get some items at Aldi’s.

Aldi stores are clean and neatly laid out with wide aisles.  It is very easy to shop there.  The vegetables are fresher and well-priced.  During holiday periods, Aldi’s frequently has special offers on turkey and ham.  They will also, unlike many discount grocery stores, occasionally offer specials on household items.

As for the name, it is a combination of the family last name and the German word for discount.  It also works in English:  Albrecht Discount.  And no, Audi does not come from Automobile Discount.

The building frame on the southwest corner of 674 and 301 is already up.  When the new location is opened sometime this fall, check it out.  You’ll probably find more than a few items you’ll like.

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