CA office staff moving April 21

Staff will begin moving to the temporary structures on April 21. The move was scheduled to include a weekend in order to minimize any disruption of services. CA President John Luper says there may be “a bit of a delay finding things at first. Come in with a smile…we will do our best. Hopefully, there will be a minimal number of problems.”

Community Manager, Lyn Reitz, says, “The phone and internet people are scheduled over the weekend. We are trying to be as organized as possible. Please bear with us.”

Staff expects the move to be completed on April 25.

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  1. Robert deutel says:

    Will the internet be down when the phone service is out of commission?

    • NSCCed says:

      Thanks for the question, Robert. At this point, the issue should be limited to separate phone extensions. The main office line and the internet should be unaffected.

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